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The Plant The plant is specially designed for polymer modification of bitumen with a capacity up to 40ton/h (theoretical capacity, with 5% SBS granular polymer and bitumen temperature at 180°C) and is fitted into a containerized body for stronger structure and easy transportation.

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Cold-mix plants are one of the Fayat Group's traditional specialities, with SAE having invented numerous processes in addition to both stationary and mobile equipment types.

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Bitumen Emulsion Plants EMULPACK® EMULPACK® is a bitumen emulsion plant allowing the continuous production of basic or modified emulsion accepting any type of bitumen with the manufacture of the Soap solution by batch .

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Cold Mix Plant Continuous cold mix plants and cold recycling plants have always been part of the Fayat Group portfolio. But it was in 1998, with the acquisition of SAE (Société Auxiliaire Entreprises), that the group substantially increased its share of this sector.

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Marini Makina's modiFALT is one of the most successful polymer modified bitumen plant in the market so far. Here in the video you can watch and learn the bas...

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The foam bitumen technology - SOLUFOAM® distributed by the FAYAT Group's Mixing Plant division is the high-tech solution that achieves outstanding warm asphalt performance. Installed on more than 300 installations, this technology is fully reliable and thus allows to produce high quality warm mix asphalt on demand without any extra cost related to additives.

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The advantages of the Batch Asphalt Mixing Plant Consequently, in batch plants (as opposed to continuous plants) the hot aggregates, filler and bitumen are first weighed and then fed into the mixer. After mixing, the asphalt is discharged from the mixer in the storage bin or directly onto the trucks.

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PMB PLANT. The plant is allows the thermoplastic rubber to be modified with bitumen up to 20 tons / hour. (theoretical capacity, with 5% SBS granular polymer and bitumen temperature at 180°C) and fitted into a containerized body for stronger structure and easy transportation. Due to this design, the pmb plant can be easily replaced.

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MARINI INDIA, first established in Ahmedabad in 2015, is the leader in production of asphalt plants in the south-eastern Asian region. 60.000 square meters production floor, a warehouse for on-demand after sales services, a dedicated team of experts are at hand to serve you.

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marini: the asphalt plant Stationary, mobile, transportable on wheels asphalt plants... the fully articulated MARINI offer is able to satisfy an asphalt production up to 480 t/h ensuring the best product quality and flexibility of use.


Cold-mix plants SAE proposes several ranges of continuous and batch coldmix plants that allow to produce various cold mixes over a flow range from 10 to 1 000 t/h ...

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fayat molymer bitumen mixing plant. The Marini Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) plant is reliable, highly efficient, compact and easy to use , PMB must be heated to the correct mixing temperature for the hot asphalt mix, and during asphalt production PMB should be stirred continuously by the. 24/7 online

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The bitumen/polymer mix is recycled through the in-line homogenizer where the high shear rotor/stator work head rapidly disintegrates the polymer pieces. This high shear action exposes constantly increasing areas of fresh polymer to the surrounding bitumen, reducing the process time.

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This is our standard polymer modified bitumen system. At the heart of the system lies our multi stage high shear PMB mill which shears polymers effectively. ...

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MARINI has been known for its technological development in the asphalt plant mixing industry and for products that perform and deliver results. It’s commitment to global customers is one reason that it has an un paralleled footprint across the globe. MARINI India is a 100% held subsidiary of Marini Italy.


High quality asphalt plant are produced with experienced staff. Our Batch Mix Asphalt Plants Advantages. Optimum price, high performance. Precision weighing and high quality blend. High efficiency rotary dryer and burner. Easy Maintenance. 7/24 after sale support. Possibility of asphalt mixing plant spare parts at reasonable prices

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This new mobile plant recycles up to 100 % of asphalt aggregates. To foster the cooperation between the companies in our group, Fayat has recently implemented the Fayat Innovation Challenge, giving our teams the opportunity to submit new ideas for innovative projects and compete for the best invention.

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Carlos Ojeda, the General Manager of ASTECNIA S.A. had organized a professional seminar supported by the team of MARINI Latin America and the FAYAT Mixing Plant Division. The seminar was focused on the Asphalt Mixing Plant Technology with presentations from experts of the industry talking about continuous and batch asphalt plants, the ...

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Cold-mix plants are one of the Fayat Group's traditional specialities, with SAE having invented numerous processes in addition to both stationary and mobile equipment types. They are adapted to the formulations and specific requirements of all countries while upholding the values on which their reputation is based: reliability, quality and ...


PACKLINER® are continuous-type production plants designed for the production of all types of cold mixtures, depending on the configuration. They can be configured, on request, according to the type of production and output.

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By offering a large range of hot-mix asphalt plants (from 35 to 630 TpH), stationary, transportable, mobile or supermobile, continuous or batch plants, Marini-Ermont can provide small business as well as building and public works sectors top companies, in France or worldwide.

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A 150mm asphalt base layer was placed on top, with an 80mm binder course and a 50mm wearing course on top. Polymer modified bitumen (PMB) was used for all three layers to optimise the mechanical properties of the material. The firm used a fleet of 40 excavators for the breaking and earthmoving work, ranging from medium-large in size.

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Products The comprehensive MARINI India asphalt plant equipment offering can live up to the most demanding expectations and rely on the synergies among other companies of the FAYAT Group, the only full-liner in the road building sector.

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The FAYAT Road Equipment Division, part of the Fayat Group, offers its customers innovative and sustainable solutions throughout the world. Our global approach to road construction, maintenance and rehabilitation enables our experts to provide local solutions suited to the specific context of each job.

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transferable plant Batchpack® is designed to produce cold mixes by batch in small quantities (from 10 to 20 t / h), while guaranteeing mixing and mixing qualities comparable to those obtained with our higher capacity continuous plants.