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Waterstops for All Types of Concrete Joints

All Types of Waterstops to Prevent Liquid Leaking. Waterstop plays an important role in waterproofing a concrete structure, especially joints, the weakest part which is liable to leakage of water or chemical liquids. So waterstops are designed as a fluid-tight diaphragm embedded in or running along the joints to solve these problems.

Waterstop King: Base Seal Waterstop

Simply lay the waterstop directly on the compacted sub-grade, place and finish concrete, and create control joint using saw cut or other method. The base seal provides a permanent, life-of-structure seal at the bottom of the joint. Base seal is suitable for construction, contraction (control), and expansion joints.

Kryton Swelling Waterstop | Waterproofing Concrete Joints

Krytonite™ Swelling Waterstop. Krystol Waterstop System. Krytonite Swelling Waterstop is a synthetic rubber waterstop that uses swelling pressure to seal concrete construction joints and stop water. Krytonite has superior swelling pressure and performance that stops water better than bentonite and competing swelling waterstops.

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Single Component Polyurethane Water-Swelling Sealant for ...

Compared with waterstop, it can be used in various irregular seams, especially between different materials, wet, pile head and other parts. And it also can be used in vertical surface without sag. Water-swelling sealant can be divided into two kinds according to the swelling ratio: PJ220 and PJ400.


BASE SEAL WATERSTOPS . Base seal type waterstops, sometimes referred to as externally placed waterstops, are installed prior to placement of concrete and reside either on a prepared subgrade, mudslab, or on vertical formwork. Base seal waterstops are positioned such that only the ribbed side of the waterstop engages the concrete.


ment. Base Seal waterstops have some limitations with transitions and intersections. Dumbbell shapes are an alternate profile for non-moving joints. Consider ribbed shapes for better sealing characteristics. Base Seal is ideal for slab-on-grade joints or backfilled walls and are easy to form. Base Seal waterstops have some limitations with ...

PVC Waterstop - Sika Greenstreak

Greenstreak PVC Waterstop is a flexible PVC waterstop for joint waterproofing. Embedded in concrete, across and or along the joint, waterstops form a watertight diaphragm that prevents the passage of liquid through the joint. Sika Greenstreak's PVC waterstop is suitable for potable water contact and meets NSF/ANSI Standard 61.

CRD C572-74 Certified PVC Waterstops for Concrete W

CRD C572-74 Certified PVC Waterstops for Concrete ® Waterstops play a critical role in the integrity of concrete structures. They provide a fluid-tight diaphragm when embedded in, and running through concrete joints. Earth Shield® Polyvinyl Chloride Waterstop (PVC) is the perfect solution for most wa-ter and wastewater applications. Earth ...

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Construction Joint A joint placed in concrete where construction operations are concluded for the day. —Reprinted with permission, American Concrete Institution, CCS-1, Slabs on Grade, Mary K. Hurd, Editor. WATERSTOPS FOR MOVING JOINTS Ribbed Center Bulb Used in expansion joints where normal movement between members is anticipated. Also

MasterSeal | One-stop waterproofing solutions for all structures

MasterSeal: Waterproofing Membranes, Deck Membranes, Water Tight Joint treatment and Sealants How does MasterSeal work? The MasterSeal portfolio of hand and spray-applied waterproofing & sealing products are formulated to protect structures from water/moisture ingress in variety of new or existing structures.

Waterstop Profiles by Earth Shield®

Simply lay the waterstop directly on the compacted subgrade, place and finish concrete, and create control joint using a saw cut or another method. The base seal provides a permanent, life-of-structure seal at the bottom of the joint. Base seal is suitable for construction, contraction (control), and expansion joints.


of waterstop. Location & Placement of Base Seal The joint where the Base Seal will be placed should be lo-cated by use of the construction drawings for the project. The center of the Base Seal should be placed in the center of the concrete joint as shown on construction drawings. Due to the design of the Base Seal, a continuous support system

Vinylex Waterstop & Accessories

Vinylex PVC waterstop is designed for use in concrete joints subjected to hydrostatic pressure. Embedded in concrete, waterstops span the joint, forming a continuous, watertight diaphragm that prevents the passage of fluid.

Waterstops for Waterproofing of Construction Joints

Waterstops or waterbars are premanufactured joint filler used to prevent the transmission of water through the construction joint. Waterstops are mainly used for the waterproofing of below-grade concrete structures like tunnels, water treatment facilities, parking structures, water reservoirs, sewage treatment facilities, and marine structures. The basic features and types of waterstops used ...

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JP215 — Corner seal waterstop, ideal for flat slab work. Construction and expansion joints. Construction and expansion joints. Integrates with JP211 base seal.

Waterstop Profiles Suitable for Different Joints

Base seal. Applications: Ideal for construction, contraction, control and expansion joints flat pavement jobs. For example, they are suitable for runways, large containments slabs, concrete walls, backfilled retaining walls, etc. Features: Base seal waterstop is easiest to install, as well as can be heated-welded by standard splicing iron.

The 14 Best Concrete Waterproofing Sealer 2020 (Reviews & Guide)

Aug 19, 2020 · Waterproof, protect, and preserve your concrete with the Siloxa-Tek 8500 ready-to-use concrete sealer. The product contains a proprietary blend of siloxanes/silane to provide a clear concrete sealer that prevents chloride, deicing salt, and freeze-thaw damage.


Description Sika® SwellStop is a highly versatile, strip-applied waterstop for non-moving joints in concrete. Formulated to encapsulate hydrophilic materials into a rubber base, SwellStop creates a controlled, moisture-activated, compression seal. Where to Use Designed for construction joints in new, watertight concrete structures.

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watertight bond to both fresh and cured concrete surfaces. SYNKO-FLEX is designed as an alternative to conven-tional waterstops that are used in cold joints at footings, walls or slab joints. Synko-Flex does not rely on swelling upon contact with fresh concrete or water to achieve its water tight seal and waterstop capabilities. Because of

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Contact the Waterstop Experts Phone: 800-821-3859 California: 951-763-7077 Texas: 713-857-3941 Fax: 951-763-7074 [email protected]

DECRA-SEAL W/B - Water-Based Sealer for Decorative Concrete ...

DECRA-SEAL W/B is a non-yellowing, proprietary blend of polymers, high solids, liquid sealer for decorative concrete. The product is clear, transparent, and easy to apply. DECRA-SEAL W/B also offers greatly improved chemical resistance when compared to standard curing and sealing compounds.

Sika® Greenstreak® PVC Waterstops

Base Seal waterstops have some limitations with transitions and intersections. Non-moving joints typically have 100% bonded steel reinforcement continuous through the joint, and subject the waterstop to negligible or no movement. Flat waterstop profiles without a centre-bulb or tear web are suitable for non-moving joints.

Utilizing Two Waterstops in Concrete Joints

Apr 22, 2017 · With waterstop, two is often better than one. If your concrete joint has the appropriate clearance, why not use one waterstop as your primary barrier and another as a secondary barrier as a kind ...

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The Dutch have always had to struggle with the sea to “keep their feet dry”. Therefore special construction methods were engineered to ensure water-tightness in structures such as tunnels. Cut and Cover tunnels are widely used for shallow tunnels. The tunnel consists of an in-situ cast concrete structure in an excavated trench. The trench will later be covered. These concrete sections are ...