Effect of fiber types on creep behavior of concrete

Creep Deformation of Fiber Reinforced Plastics-Plated

The problem of long-term creep deformation of reinforced concrete tensile elements strengthened by external fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) plates is studied. Formation of discrete cracks in concrete under tension is taken into account.

Effect of Different Steel Fiber Type and Content in Flexural

In the research study, the effect of different fiber contents to flexural behavior of the Ultra-High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) was investigated experimentally. Various prismatic beam specimens with a dimension of 100×100×400 mm including two types of end-hooked steel fibers (aspect ratios: 30/0.55 and 60/0.75) in macro

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Strain is generated in concrete subjected to elevated temperatures owing to the influence of factors The physical properties of the materials used in the experiment are listed in Table 3. Type 1 Sadaoui, A.; Khennane, A. Effect of transient creep on the behaviour of reinforced concrete columns in fire.

Viscoelastic creep properties and mesostructure modeling of

2020. 6. 23. — Viscoelastic creep properties and mesostructure modeling of basalt ... viscoelastic creep properties of basalt fiber (BF)-reinforced asphalt concrete (BFRAC) ... for two types asphalt concretes, namely, AC13 and AC20 gradations, ... and aspect ratios have a positive reinforcement effect on creep properties.

Repeated Creep Behavior of Polypropylene Fiber-Reinforced

2009. 4. 1. — The use of polypropylene (PP) fibers as a modifier in pavement mix that ... was utilized to assess the effects of fiber reinforced asphalt concrete ...

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D. Jothi [15] studied the application of fiber reinforcement concrete in constructions and stated that though concrete has strength but it is britt The first-crack strength characterizes the behavior of the fiber-reinforced concrete up to the onset of cracking in the matrix, while the toughness indices characterize the toughness there after up ...

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fibers to concrete in order to diminish some poor performances particularly in ... no effect on the compressive strength and modulus of elasticity [1]. ... [7] Kutz S., Balaguru P., “Postcrack creep of polymeric fiber-reinforced concrete in flexure” ...

Short-term and creep pull-out behavior of polypropylene

Aug 30, 2017 · In this paper, the results of short-term and creep pull-out tests of two different fiber types from a concrete matrix are considered. In the following, the fiber types are denoted as type A and type B, the latter being a newer and upgraded type A fiber. In total, 85 pull-out tests were executed with variable embedded lengths ℓ and angles θ.

Effect of fiber types on creep behavior of concrete

Fibers with elastic modulus much higher than plain concrete can clearly restrict creep, while fibers with lower elastic modulus have the opposite effect. For example, 2% volumetric blending of steel fiber reduces specific creep by 25.1%, compared with plain concrete, while 0.9 kg/m 3 mass blending of PVA fibers increases it by 19.9%. The internal defects introduced by fiber addition, i.e., the fiber-concrete interfacial zone and non-uniform fiber distribution, weakens its creep resistance.

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The major factors affecting the characteristic of fiber-reinforced concrete are a water-cement ratio, percentage of fibers, diameter and length of fibers. Given below are different types of fiber-reinforced concrete used in construction. Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete. Steel fiber is a metal reinforcement.

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A Predicting Method for Long-Term Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Moment Frames. Publication: Structural Journal Date: 11/1/2019 Effects of Temperature and Stress on Creep Behavior of PP and Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Reactive Powder Concrete. Publication: IJCSM


Currently available data on the effects of creep on bond behavior of NSM CFRP strengthening systems is limited. In fact, published research on creep effects mostly focuses on the structural behavior of strengthened members and on individual components (concrete, steel reinforcement, FRP, adhesive)


‰ Mechanisms of concrete creep. o Two phenomena are involved: 1. Time dependent deformation that occurs when concrete is loaded in a sealed condition so that moisture cannot escape. ‰ Examples of complex structures with significant effect of creep on deformation and failure behavior.

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This video explains fibre reinforced concrete and effect of fibre in concrete. The fiber reinforced concrete advantages and disadvantages and types of fiber reinforced concrete will be uploaded soon.

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Keywords: Concrete, Fiber Reinforced, Concrete behavior, Flexural strength, Durability. Abstract This paper aims at comparing the change in the behavior and properties of concrete after addition of fiber and the effect of type, shape and distribution of fibers in concrete mixture on compressive strength, tensile strength, bending strength ...